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It’s another Sunday

Weekend in Lagos is a big deal especially to the working middleclass mum who have hustled from Monday – Friday. She sleeps heavily on Friday evening and wake up late on Saturday. Her Saturday too is filled with activities. She does laundry, visits the saloon to get her hair done. She also does manicure and pedicure, takes care of the house and meet few friends or family members. In between, she shops for few food materials and cooks for her family. At the end of the day, she is exhausted and goes to bed with a cup of tea or juice drink. (Especially when she does not get help).

However, Sunday is her main day. She wakes up gay, relaxed and happy, and prepares to go out with family. So, what does Sunday means to an average woman?

‘Sunday is the real day; a day of pomp, pageantry and festivity: the kids are laughing excitedly with the parents, and the entire family is together again, feasting, wining, and having fun. She looks forward to enjoy the day with the family’.

‘Sunday comes with joy packages: the joy of being with people that means the world to you, the joy of sharing in their pains and triumphs, the joy of reflection and planning forward, and the joy of enjoying quality nutrition with the people that brings you happiness’.

‘Sunday is a day for the family to enjoy the goodness of Peak Milk‘s 28 Vitamins and Minerals that gives stronger bodies and sharper minds. Peak Milk’s addition to meals during preparation is a guarantee of enhanced physical and mental performance’.

‘Sunday is a day to enjoy better health; because the body is at rest, and the mind is at peace’.

Then, why don’t we just name Sunday Peakday?

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  1. Ndubuisi Anakweze says:

    Your brand is still counting as the best though expensive. But I’m happy that you are doing your best to produce the ones that can still reach all and sundry.

    Of course,is not your making but the economy. And your accredited distributors have made higher the ladder that no small person could be able to join you as a distributor again. Is now the issue of the richer takes it all or the highest bidder.

    I feel that there is need to find ways whereby beginners can be accommodated as distributors because your recognition and growth was made possible when you started. Other brands are currently using that to compete favourable in the marketplace.

    Thank you.
    Ndubuisi Anakweze

  2. Saidu Bala says:

    I want to be educated the more please

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