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While people crave to identify with a class or group, such as fit fam, organized, easy-going, spontaneous and free spirited, risk takers, laid back, cool, indulgent, kind, solution finders, detailed etc., Peak Milk identifies with all groups of people and is suitable for everyone.

To Ehap


Staying home should not disrupt the importance of the Holy Month. Life doesn’t stop and neither should you. This is an opportunity to spend more quality time with family. Planning before the Holy Month could help you achieve a lot.

To Ramadan

World Milk Day

Today, we would love you to join us in raising a glass of hope as we celebrate World Milk Day. Do it for the gram! Grams of 28 Minerals and Protein Peak Milk contains.


Awoof at its Peak

The Awoof at its Peak promo is here! For those of you Awoof lovers, this one is for you. Enjoy the nourishment of a Peak breakfast without running out of Peak products.

To Awoof