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General Questions

  • Why is Peak Milk Powder more expensive than other milk powders?

    Peak Milk Powder is a Full Cream Milk PowderPowder with 28 Vitamins and Minerals and is Extra Fortified. Peak IMP comes with a premium quality and originates from Holland. Peak promises premium quality and suits the nutrition needs of every family.

  • What age can my kids start taking Peak Milk?

    Children from the age of 7 are ready for the rich goodness of Peak milk. However, younger children need certain minerals which are available in our Peak 456.

  • How is Peak Milk made?

    The creamy goodness of Peak Milk begins with our dairy farmers who take extra care to ensure that quality raw milk gets to our milk bulking center where the produce is tested again and processed under high production values to ensure you nourishment at its peak.