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For the love of your body

Every society has its own unique food culture and Nigeria is not an exception.  Nigeria has a very rich food culture but with a peculiar mentality; there’s cultural love for carbohydrates! In Nigeria, you haven’t eaten until you have taken rice or yam, or something “heavy” which gives rise to the acab-a-day’ movement. A typical Nigeria diet might include yam for breakfast, eba/garri for lunch and rice for supper.  As absurd as this looks, its not going to change soon.

We have long been deprived of balanced nutrition by the hustle of life. We rush to work very early in the morning without breakfast, then eat rice (or junks) in the afternoon, (with a measly meat called protein), then another carbs in the evening. With this eating pattern, where is the guarantee of balanced nutrition?

The solution is Pecadomo!

This involves the use of Peak Milk in food preparation so as to have access to Peak’s 28 vitamins and minerals which guarantees stronger body and sharper mind. 247.

For the body to function effectively, there is need for a balance, which however the subsisting carbohydrate culture cannot guarantee. So while we work smart, there is need to eat smart by embracing a smart solution that gives the required nutrients in a bundle pack.

Research has consistently shown that excess carbohydrate in the body is responsible for fatness. Excess carbohydrate stored in the body is converted to fat and gives protruding belly, big arms and thighs. However, pecadomo could be a strategy for curbing this by neutralizing such excess carbohydrate with 28 vitamins and minerals proportionally positioned.

That means we can access to quality nutrition even with our fast-paced lifestyle. So if you’re the busy type that don’t have time for good meal in the day, make sure your dinner pays for it. Lavish your dinner with Peak Milk.

Live longer, live stronger.

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