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Peak 456

Why Peak 456

As children grow, their ability to learn develops too. They progress through different stages of smartness, first growing CURIOUS about the world, then starting to EXPLORE their surroundings, and beginning to CREATE as they become more creative and imaginative.

The Peak 456 with DHA contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients to meet the needs of children between the ages of 4 to 6 years old

  • DHA and Iodine for proper brain development
  • Calcium and Vitamin D3 for strong bones and teeth
  • Protein for growth, muscle and bone formation and repair of tissues
  • Vitamin A for good eyesight
  • Vitamin B2 to boost energy level
  • Zinc to boost immunity

How to use Peak 456

There’re several ways to include Peak 456 into your child’s meals. We will give you a few pointers;

  • It can be made into a glas of milk
  • Add it to your child’s beverage
  • Add it to your child’s cereal or pap
  • Add it to your child’s favourite meal for example Pan Cakes, and even snacks like Cakes, Chin Chin, etc.

How to make a glass of milk

To make a glass of milk;

  • Add 2 tablespoons of powder 40g(1 tablespoon approx. 20g) to 180ml pre-boiled lukewarm water
  • Do not use boilng water directly. Peak 456 dissolves instantly in warm and cold water


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Peak 4·5·6