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How To Help Your Child Adapt To A New Environment

Whether it’s a new school, a new neighbourhood, or a new park to play in, an adjustment period is needed to adjust to the latest sights and sounds around them.

To help your child in the process of adapting to a new environment, try the following tips.


Give ample period to even adjust to the idea of a change before it happens. When having the discussion, give them as much details as possible, with phrasing that does not make the move sound like a death sentence.


For kids, a new environment means having to make new friends, familiarise themselves with the new neighbours, teachers, etc and this can make them cranky and fearful. These emotions can manifest in ways such as regressive behaviours like pooping their pants when they’ve been potty-trained, being withdrawn in conversations, or going against instructions giving to him/her. As the adult, and most likely cause of the change, you need to be extremely patient to navigate this period as best as possible.


To help them adjust to the new environment, ensure they have as many familiar things around them as possible. If it’s a new house, try painting their new room the same colour as the old and arrange their furnitures the same way. If it’s a new school, pack their favourite toys to go with them, use their old lunch box and include stuff they used in their former school in their backpacks as a form of comfort.

While your toddler is adjusting to this new enviro

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