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5 Simple Ways to Communicate Better with Your Kids

Communicating with toddlers is a 2-way street, you must be ready to listen to, as well as talk with them to make them feel valued. Communicating properly with your kids does not stop with them, it also reflects in how they communicate with the people they come in contact with as they continue to grow and explore the world around them.

To properly communicate with your kids, here are a few tips to help.

Give Them Your Full Attention.

Giving your child your full attention when they are speaking with you requires a lot of intentionality such as turning off the TV so neither one of you is distracted or putting your phone ringer on silent so there are no interruptions from people outside the room.

Leave No Stone Unturned.

Be opened to talking about any and everything and the best way to make them comfortable enough to open up to you like this is to start small. Talk about everyday mundane things so they can naturally go into those parts of their day that they ordinarily might not have mentioned. Start the conversation by asking them how their day went, then telling them about yours.

Encourage Them.

Even adults want attention and visible reactions when communicating with someone, so does kids. When your child is telling you a story about their day or something else, encourage them to tell you more by inserting a “really?!” or “go on…” every now and then. It shows you are invested in what they are telling you. And don’t forget to laugh when they say something funny.

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Respond and Explore Their Feelings.

If they say something about how they felt bad or sad over a situation at school or at home, help them explore their feelings and reach an understanding about this.

Pay Attention to Their Body Language.

Take note of how they react when you try to delve further into a particular sentence they made. Did they shut off? Did they perk up? Put a pin in it and try another time or at some other point in the conversation by opening with something like… “tell me more about…”

The key takeaway when it comes to communicating with kids is to be sensitive in responding to their feelings, not just the good and happy ones but also their anger, fear, embarrassment etc.

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