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Family Outdoor Bonding Activities

Family outdoor bonding activities can’t be overemphasied when building a healthy relationship with your child. It leads to a secure emotional, social and cognitive development and they learn how best to deal with various situations when they have good relationships with their parents.

Finding the right activities that suit you and your child may take time, however we have put together a list of activities that are cost effective and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Paint Outside

This will leave you with a lot less mess to clean up. Pick a bright day and gather the family outside, everyone can paint something they like while enjoying drinks and snacks and engaging in conversation. Who knows, you might have a little Picasso on your hands.

Take Family Walks

It may sound like exercise and not everyone enjoys exercise but taking a walk is a great way to bond. Taking a 20 – 30-minute walk per day allows you engage in conversations with your children, they can even ride their bicycles. It makes for a great family activity.

Treasure Hunt

Set up a treasure hunt in your back yard, hide different clues and select a grand prize the winner gets, it could be chocolate, chips or even a new book. This activity is fun and engaging and your child is bound to have a swell time.

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Go To The Beach

The sand, the water, the screams of excitement and the joyous laughter, everybody loves the beach. The whole family can have a swell time at the beach, enjoy ice cream, bond and create lasting memories.

There’re still more amazing and “simple” family outdoor bonding activities like cooking together, watching family movies and more, the key goal is building a fun and loving relationship with your child.

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