November 27, 2017
10 - 30 mins
by Phương Mai

Cook time depends on personal preference

How we do it

Measure the ½ cup of Acha into a bowl and pour water and cover thoroughly
Shake the bowl from side to side to allow the sand to separate from the Acha and drop to the bottom of the bowl, use your hand to move the Acha across into a second bowl and discard the sand and the bottom of the first bowl, repeat this until you see no sand at the bottom of the bowl
1. Add clean Acha to a pot and add the 1 Cup of clean water and bring to a boil (lower the heat once it starts to boil) and stir you will notice it begin to get thicker and softer, you can remove it from the stove once it has reached your desired thickness (similar to that of porridge oats is common)
2. Add it to a bowl and stir in your milk and sugar or honey if required and serve with Akara or Bread