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Peak Campaigns

Peak Disruption

Disruptions are happening everywhere in the world. In technology, politics, fashion, entertainment, even food. Does ‘mixology’ sound familiar? Here is the deal; Nigerians are getting more health-conscious and more careful of what goes into their system. They want to enjoy their liquor but with a lesser effect on their body. This understanding ushered in the concept of ‘mixology’ where beverage drinks are aggressively positioned as the best mix for alcoholic brands.

Another fascinating disruption in food is the use of milk in food preparation. Despite the several vitamins, minerals and calories in milk, it has always been restricted to tea and bread time, but recently, a new study shows how its inclusion in other foods could guarantee enhanced mental and physical performances of consumers.

In the Peak brand world, it is called pecadomo, and young Nigerian mums are embracing it ritually. They are busy and health-conscious, and since they know that the family’s health is their scorecard, they do everything to keep their family healthy and happy.

Most of them are usually not with the family during breakfast and lunch, hence, dinner time is the perfect time to give their desired nutrition to the family, and what a better way than with pecadomo. That means the addition of Peak Milk to foods like eba, semo, amala, and pounded yam is an assurance of stronger body and sharper mind, and the family is guaranteed over 28 vital minerals and vitamins.

Mums see this as necessary especially in this age where we hardly have time for decent meals.  And for the super health-conscious mums who don’t joke with their weights and figures, Peak Milk’s addition to their smoothies, cocktails and salad is a bomb!

This implies innovation is not only about creating apps or inventing drones, but also about having a strong desire for stronger body and sharper mind; from the staple of and Peak Milk.


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    Pretty, very pretty stuff!
    I love Peak Milk I must say…lol

  2. Ahmad says:

    Such clever work and coverage! Keep up the fantastic works guys

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