We have Peaked A New Look

From generations to generations, Peak has remained committed to its mission of providing Nigerians with quality dairy nutrition to help them Reach for their Peak.

Our commitment to delivering goodness of dairy remains as we embark on a revolutionary new-look journey and we are thrilled to introduce our new packaging across our range of products.

Peak has injected an appealing modern twist to the packaging while still embodying the brand’s identity, quality and distinctive asset. The new packaging look features variant descriptor ribbon, protein-benefit called out and an infusion of a vibrant shine making it visually appealing and conveying a feeling of innovation with the consumer.

To announce our new look, we have released a campaign tagged ‘Looks good outside, Taste good inside’ which is aimed at getting everyone to know about the new look across our range of products and highlighting the new features on the packs telling them it is still the same Peak they enjoy at breakfast

Join us to embrace this exciting journey. Explore our new look, enjoy breakfast everyday and delight your tastebuds.