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Do I need to add milk to Peak Choco?

Peak Choco already contains milk, and adding milk may not be necessary.

Can UHT milk be consumed by kids?

Yes, Peak UHT Milk is suitable for all ages.

Why is Peak Milk Powder more expensive than other milk powders?

Peak Milk Powder is a Full Cream Milk PowderPowder with 28 Vitamins and Minerals and is Extra Fortified. Peak IMP comes with a premium quality and originates from Holland. Peak promises premium quality and suits the nutrition needs of every family.

Difference between Peak Regular, Peak Gold, Peak Easy and Peak Low Fat?

Peak Regular is Full Cream Evaporated milk (9% milk fat). Peak Easy is same product as Peak RegularRegular, but easy to open with a lid. Peak Gold is more rich recipe with milk fat of 9.5% for the ones who prefer a more intense experienceexperience. Peak Low Fat is semi skimmed evaporated milk with 4% milk fat.