What’s Your Self-Care Strategy?


We have different emotional needs, and different ways of responding to issues.

So also is our self-care strategies.

Tade’s self-care strategy is to surround herself with ‘friends who’ve seen you at your worst, and love you even more for it’.

Tochi summarized hers as ‘heading to the cinema, buying that new lipstick she’d always wanted, picking up a new flowery dress or reading that nostalgic book that brings her flood of sweet memories’.

Jide sees ‘going slower’ as his self-care strategy. As a mid-level manager in an ad agency, Jide is always on the move, but sometimes ‘in the morning, I deliberately walk slower than my usual pace, put my phone away, and take time to look around and enjoy the moment rather than worrying about the day ahead.’

Ahmed focuses on three things—sleep, exercise, and massage. ‘I put adequate sleep and exercise as high priorities no matter how busy I am. I remind myself that by compromising these, I compromise my mental and physical wellness. I also set aside time for regular massage, which has a broad range of mental and physical health benefits”

Arome listens to himself. ‘I craft a phrase that addresses the difficulty of the moment, and then I speak it silently and softly to myself. This feeling connects me with my own heart and I feel deeply cared for.’

Maureen says ‘Forgive the people in your life who harmed you and forgive yourself for your own mistakes and you will liberate yourself from pain, anger and negativity’.

Buchi’s strategy is to embrace his imperfections. ‘Let them reveal your individuality. Laugh at them. Perfect is boring’.

While these are awesome self-care strategies, the best are however the ones that take stronger bodies and sharper minds into consideration, simultaneously improving your mental and physical wellness.

So whatever your self-care strategy is, lifestyle or therapeutic, enjoy it with Peak Milk culture. It works.


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