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Parents usually assume smart kids are born smart. It may either be genetic – or maybe he’s been learning from you. Experts say ‘Intelligence is 49 percent genetic and 51 percent stimulation’. However, you can do these to help your child have more enthusiasm for learning:

Talk, talk, talk

Ask your kid open-ended questions, like “How do planes fly?” Such questions help a child reflect on what he knows and how to explain it. Likewise, don’t be afraid to use sophisticated words. He may not understand, but will figure it out if the words are used multiple times in context.

Read, read, read 

Research has shown that access to books is a predictor of success. Reading stimulates the brain to make connections, and enable a child to absorb and apply content. Invite your child to read with you. Keep books on shelves and on tables. Share what you’re reading, and ask him to do the same. This will not only spark conversation but build his vocabulary and comprehension.

Praise results

Instead of giving broad praise (You’re a star!), give kudos for accomplishments (I’m proud of how you found the answer) or say (You’re almost there. Keep trying).

Celebrate curiosity

Kids glow with curiosity but sometimes lose that as they get older. Keep them excited by honing in on what interests them. If you ask questions about what they’re playing with or talking about, you have initiated conversation. In return, your child will ask questions and look for more stuff to share.

Seize teachable moments

You can help sharpen your child’s skills as you go about your day. Say you drive by a gas station. Instead of saying ‘that’s a gas station!’ ask a question: “What do you think they do?” Encouraging observation of details will help your child do the same in class.

The best thing you can do is be involved and build a super kid that will become a super adult in the future. Be more than mum.


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