There has always been persistent dichotomy between sticking to the old ways of parenting or embracing new models. While both sides are good, one thing to consider is today’s digital audience.

It will be a mistake to raise digital children in the analog way, and this is an error parents still make especially the baby-boomers who still stick to what worked in the 70s, refusing to see that times have changed.

These children were born into technology and connectivity, and had no brick and mortal experiences. They have Facebook friends all over the world; some of their tweets and snaps generate ripple effects online. They are exposed to unfathomable information and weird entertainment. They live smart; and life to them is click-click-done. So how can you raise this generation with timeworn tactics?

To be more than mum, there is need to understand the paradigm shift by embracing the 21st century models of parenting, even while sticking to traditional values.

Today’s parents need to integrate, get online and know what their child is reading, streaming or downloading. Call it snitching, who cares! Parents need to be their child’s friends on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Instagram, and see what they are watching on YouTube. Also occasionally ‘snitching’ through their devices to catch up with them and if need be, introduce quick corrective measures where applicable.

In this age of pornography and disillusioned sexual orientation, parents must not be careless.

Parents should also discuss educative news and stories with their children, like ‘have you seen this YouTube video on how to make a drone?’

In a TED Talk distilling the paradox of modern parenting, ‘raising happy kids is such a crisis for modern parents’, but it is something that must be done. Or else, we leave their future in jeopardy.

Be there for them. Be more than mum.


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