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While we don’t want our kids to become overconfident to the point of arrogance, not having enough self-confidence is quite a big problem, and the problem starts in their developing years. Here are few tips on raising a self-confident child:

Encourage them to be themselves

Most parents subconsciously try to mold their children into miniature versions of themselves, and not letting them become their own person. You can encourage your child to be themselves by finding out what their interests are and helping them to participate more in the activities they enjoy. Don’t call the things they like “stupid”, as that could lead to loss of self-confidence.

Involve them in household chores

This actually helps them develop a higher sense of self confidence. The feeling of working at something that contributes to the household makes children feel good about themselves, even if they are too young to understand the connection between their efforts and the way it makes them feel.

Don’t let home/school work go unfinished

Incomplete assignment could make kids feel bad and quickly begin to feel like a failure especially since most teachers are not lenient on kids who don’t complete their assignments. Your support in helping them become a better student will also boost their self-confidence.

Practice positive thinking and enforce it

Children have an amazing habit of picking actions from those around them, especially their parents. If you can frame their state of mind so that “I can’t” is far away from their mind, they will be much more confident of what they actually can do.

Create fun goals for them

Things like keeping their room clean, making their bed and brushing their teeth can all be included as daily things that need to be done, that they will be rewarded for after a week of not missing a day. Your child will likely be far more focused on the reward they will receive, but it will subconsciously be building their self confidence levels.

Build a child you will be proud of in the future, and make your child to be proud of you.

Don’t just be a mum, be more than mum.


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