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Even though we would love our children to stay young and cute forever, in the end, parenting is to prepare them to grow up to be respectful, responsible and confident adults. Here are few guidelines on raising a self-confident child who will always love and respect you for doing an exceptional job as their parent!

Allow them to make some of their own decisions

Every confident child is a child that can make choices and stick to the decisions that they’ve made. Allowing your kids to make some of their decisions will empower them and boost their confidence.

Let them decorate their own room

Your child likely doesn’t have an eye for design yet but involving them in the decision process for things like wallpaper and paint color makes them feel important and as if their opinion actually matters – because it does! 

Help the overcome their fears

Once your child overcomes their fear of a certain thing, it will make them feel brave, proud and confident. Nothing feels better than finally standing up and facing something that’s been scaring you.  A confident kid is a kid that can overcome their fears.

Allow them to have their own time without you

We need to let them have their own space and not be on top of them at all times.

A child who has friends outside of the home or neighborhood will feel much more confident about going out and making new friends on their own.

Let them figure out some problems on their own

If they are having some sort of problem, and it’s not time sensitive or putting them in danger, take a step back and let them try and figure it out for themselves. Figuring out the solution to one of their problems is a big point of pride to any child.

Above all, children respond to parents who love them unconditionally. That is why you must become the greatest single source of love, encouragement and reinforcement for your child. Be more than a mum. Be the mum.


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