Behind Every Champion is a Great Mum!


History has repeatedly proved that behind most of the world’s greatest success stories are mums who defied all odds, fought battles to become the Mothers behind the Man.

One of such stories is that of Sonya Carson, the mother of Dr. Ben Carson, the world renowned neurosurgeon, who inspired his son to success and fame. Her story is one of the most inspiring the world will ever record.

Surrounded by poverty, despair, and single-motherhood, Sonya faced a major challenge of her life; her younger son, Ben had never done well in school, and was termed the ‘dumbest kid in class’. What could an illiterate mother, who had married at 13, divorced, struggling with depression, do to help her boy? She wasn’t even there during after-school time, working longer hours in two to three jobs as domestic staff, and often not arriving home till they were in bed.

Sonya sought divine guidance, and also paid attention to the habits of the high achievers she worked for. She made her sons to read two books per week and hand in reports to her (they didn’t know she couldn’t read), and limit TV to two pre-selected programs per week.

Ben went from the bottom of class to the top in one and a half years, earned a scholarship to Yale and became the head of paediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital at thirty-three. He was one of the youngest people, and the first black person, to ever hold such position in a world-renowned medical centre. In the first seven years of his career, he performed breakthrough surgeries that changed the lives of his patients.

Mama Sonya knew that to achieve greatness, three key elements are required; stronger body, sharper mind and the right motivation. She worked hard to nurture their mental and physical wellness, then provided the right motivation.

This however is what Peak Milk represents; the ‘It’s in You’ motivational charge that breaks psychological limitation, and the right nutrients that builds the body and nourishes the mind.

Mama Sonya, you’re more than mum.


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