I have seen couples engage in series of arguments over inconsequential matters. I have heard marriages break up over trivial issues that can easily be sorted out over a cup of tea. In most cases I get irritated when the real cause of marriage break-up comes to the fore. For God’s sake, how can you allow your marriage to break up because of a toothpaste or because someone’ socks or pant smells? After three years of dating and courtship, and thousands of naira invested in the wedding, then 4 months later, a dirty socks stuffed somewhere under the bed puts an end to a marriage?!

Last night, I caught myself wondering — how come I never quarrel with my husband? I mean, all of my friends have regular rows with their hubbies. And, judging by what they say, such shouting matches tend to be sparked by small, everyday stuff.
Looking around our living room, I noticed lots of things with a potential to trigger a row: dirty clothing scattered on the sofa; breadcrumbs, unwashed tea cups on the table, books and old newspapers scattered all over, even sometimes smelly shoes hidden somewhere… all perpetrated by my hubby. However, unlike with my friends, none of this made me mad.
My husband and I simply continued to sit in each other’s arms, on the relatively clean end of the sofa, watching our favorite TV show.
Yes — we’re just a pair of dirty happy pigs!
So tell us your own story, how did you make your family stay together?


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