Every day, we know that millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube, and hundreds of millions are streamed. What we probably don’t know is that at YouTube’s helm of affairs is a super mum who daily combines the running of YouTube with nurturing of a family of five children!

She is Susan Wojcicki, a graduate of Harvard whose garage in Menlo Park was the first office of Google; and she is the company’s first marketing manager where she rose to become a Senior Vice President of Google Advertising & Commerce, and later the CEO of YouTube.

Wojcicki is credited for Google’s AdSense, and responsible for making Google search engine a dominant force with a zero budget. She partnered with universities to include a Google search bar on their websites–and everything grew from there. However before Google, Wojcicki worked at Intel, Bain & Company and R.B. Webber & Company.

At the time when Wojcicki was in charge of Google Video; YouTube was a small start-up competing with Google Video. Her response was to buy YouTube which she successfully handled. In February 2014 she became the CEO of YouTube, and since the acquisition in 2006, YouTube’s value has ballooned, leaving behind eBay, Yahoo, and Starbucks.

Wojcicki, called “the most important person in advertising” was named to Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2015 and described in a later issue as “the most powerful woman on the internet”.

Wojcicki, who is a veteran at balancing her home-life and work-life, has proven that anyone can balance parenthood and be a top executive. Colleagues assumed she would give up her career when she had her second child, but she continued to push. She believes that having children makes her better at her job, and her job makes her a better mom. She is always home for dinner to nurture her family to stronger body and sharper mind, like a Peak Milk would.

What a super mum!


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