I was in the saloon few weeks ago and saw an old-looking 60-something year old man accompanying his two teenage son to the saloon for hair-cut. No, not because he’s the best of their friends but he looks like the dictator of their house. He has a deep scowl on his rigid and unsmiling face, and looks like one of those men who married in their 50s and wanted to instill the discipline of the 50s in their kids.
He ordered the boys to sit and went ahead to discuss the hairstyle he wanted with the barber.
I observed the boys’ unhappiness as they grudgingly obeyed, swayed their heads left and right and kept straight face. They are the kind of boys bidding their time to escape from home. Poor boys! The man seems not to care about their emotions, and even went ahead pushing the boys’ heads around on the barber’s seat to the barber’s displeasure.
A serious cold war was going on among the parties.
One mistake parents still make especially the baby boomers is to want to raise their children the way they were raised. They still use analog tactics to raise their digital native children; the Millennials and the Generation Z.
There is need to understand how the 21st century kids needs to be raised. There is need for parents to be the best friends of their children. There is need for collaboration between the parents and them because they are smarter than we think (most likely more than the parents), they know things we never thought of and can do things we never imagined.
They were born into technology and connectivity, and never had some of those brick and mortal experiences we carried about. They have Facebook accounts with friends all over the world; some of their tweets and snaps generate ripple effects online. They are exposed to information and weird entertainment that parents cannot comprehend. They live smart lives with their iPhone and tabs and life to them is click-click-pay. So how can you raise a smart generation with laid back tactic?

So how do you raise your children? What are your tactics? Can you share with us?


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