My Naija Super Woman


That period of over-dependency on men is fading and the Naija woman knows. That explains why she is taking more active roles in the workplace and having less domestic time; and embracing the ‘ease, convenience, and speed’ food-culture.

Though with limited purchasing power, she never compromise quality, and always want to ascertain the conditions under which her food is processed; which is why she will always embrace branded foods category.

The Naija woman is migrating from the ‘no-cares’ to ‘low-in’s, ‘rich-in’s and ‘nothing-buts’. She formerly doesn’t care what goes into her body but now embraces foods that are low in fat, rich in protein and nothing but vitamins. This explains the growth of the dairy market where Peak Milk currently rules.

Of course, her cultural love for carbohydrates is non-negotiable. To her, ‘you haven’t eaten until you have taken rice, yam or something heavy’.

Success to her is when class and taste becomes accessible. So while loving affordable premium, availability ranks higher on her consumer preference matrix.

Naija woman is more ambitious than ever, attracted to brands that enhances her status, sticks to things that work for her and sway loyalty when the value proposition gets stronger, maybe in price.

While she dominantly shops in open markets and convenience stores, she connects to brands that tell her stories, and understands her daily struggle as a woman.

Running her family is a tough task, yet she needs to be on top of her game at workplace. So to maintain a perfect the work-life balance, she embraces brands that gives her stronger body and sharper brains. Like Peak Milk, a top quality brand that understands her needs to be in charge.

She knows that with Peak Milk, family gets nurtured, stronger in body and sharper in brains. This confidence helps the Naija woman face future challenges of being a champion mum, a super wife or an unrepentant self-lover.


Milk and dairy products are an
important part of the daily diet in many regions of the world

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