My Hero MUM


Champion mums are rare to find. At a time the society urges women to seek their worth and personal fulfillment in things that take them away from their loved ones, champion mums stick to their family. Like Peak Milk to warm water.

Champion mum knows that the family’s health is her scorecard and hence goes extra mile to keep her family healthier and stronger! She’s a nurturer by nature, a nourisher, a care-giver, a nutritionist; and a believer that a woman must foster love, grow her family and keep them happy.

She understands that to have a wholesome family, there’s need for stronger body and sharper minds, and hence embraces brands that make her life easier and smarter.

She radiates confidence wherever she goes because her home is happy, and her work is thriving. Oh yeah, the work-life balance thing.

Though a busy working mother, she values the breakfast culture, and puts extra effort to provide meals that nourishes her family, keep them active through the day and put the family on the right path to nutrition and healthy living.

Though she delegates, she still handles the most important part of the job. She understands and adapts easily to the peculiarity of her family since they are her top priority. She means the world to everybody around her.

Her quest for convenience and smart-healthy eating culture helps her embrace brands like Peak Milk which she combines with other foods to give her family stronger body and sharper mind.

She multitasks, on top of her games and happy to be ‘the man of the home’. Her children calls her super hero, her spouse says ‘she’s my super woman’.

Champion mums are precious than silver, costlier than gold, beautiful than diamond. They are the best friend anyone could ever ask for because when everyone else turns away, they will always be there.

Champion mums are Peak mums.


Milk and dairy products are an
important part of the daily diet in many regions of the world

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