How Often Should mum Praise their Kids?


Just how much should we be praising our kids without giving them so much praise that they think they deserve an award for everything? Well, experts say they might actually have found an answer.

A study was conducted by asking 38 parents of 2- to 4-year-olds to complete a questionnaire about their children’s behavior and well-being.

Some parents were asked to praise their children for good behavior and keep track of how many times a day they did so. They were also given information on how and when to praise. After four weeks, the study found that parents who praised their children five times a day saw an overall improvement in the child’s well-being and behavior, a drop in hyperactivity and inattention as compared to those who weren’t keeping track of praise.

“Improved behavior and well-being can result simply from ensuring that a child’s positive actions are rewarded with praise and parents are seen to be observing their good behavior,” said Sue Westwood, senior lecturer at De Montfort University, in a press release.

Researcher Carole Sutton, who co-founded the Five Praises campaign on which this study is based, says she chose that as a goal because it echoed the popular advice to eat five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. The study suggests that aiming to praise kids this amount of time every day is going to help children thrive emotionally and socially.

Sutton says parents should “catch” their children modeling good behavior and praise them for everyday efforts and achievements, such as toddlers brushing their teeth, learning to ride a tricycle or caring for pets or siblings. However, she warns that parents should be careful to not shower children with unwavering approval, and instead set firm boundaries with their kids to balance it out.

So, if you’ve been wondering just what kind of praise to give your kids Perhaps even praising them for eating their fruits and veggies can become part of your daily pattern. And that’s a win-win for everyone.

Credit: How much praise kids needs by Irina Gonzalez. Available at:  Accessed on May 12, 2017


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