Few months ago, the Nigerian TV stations were flooded with comical adverts of OLX where ‘Sell It’ becomes the catch phrase. It will be interesting to know that the brain behind that thriving organization is another super mum called Lola Masha.

Lola is the country manager of OLX Nigeria, a company she joined with the goal of building a world-class, trusted and secured online classifieds business that stands out from competition. And she oversees every part of the business, including technology.

Isn’t that amazing!

Before OLX, Lola spent four years with Google Nigeria where she drove strategic partnership across Europe, Middle East and Africa. She also worked at McKinsey Consulting and Bank PHB.

Lola holds PhD. in Engineering from the University of California, B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from University of Virginia and a Certificate in Management Technology also from University of California.

Masha is an outstanding individual with expertise in business development, entrepreneurship, operational transformation, strategy and product development. She changed the e-commerce face of OLX while the company experienced growth under her management.

Lola, a fan of work-life balance believes family comes first; and this is well communicated to the team and the family. This she has been able to achieve by having the right people at work, creating the right culture, and the right environment.

Lola is also a huge supporter of women thriving at workplace. She said ‘70% of our staff are female. If you walk round the office, you will see more female staff than male’.

She believes women are more powerful than they think. Even though it is difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance, it is possible and women need to find a conducive work environment that supports them so they can have enough time to nurture their family to stronger bodies and sharper minds.

The techie world says she’s geek, we think she’s a champion mum.


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