Super mums are springing everywhere.

From Lagos to Lafia, Calabar to Kano.

Breaking barriers, setting paces,

Winning in challenging environments,

Building careers in tough terrains,

Even where men dread.

Shared by home, career and passion,

And every other thing that comes in-between

Aspirational, but holding strong to family values

Her price is far above rubies.

And incredible are the values she brings to the table

She wakes up early to prepare the family for the day

Nurturing them to stronger body and sharper minds

With a healthy breakfast of Peak Milk

With that, she embraces the day

Facing the future without fear

She is strong, energetic, and willing

She works hard, making sure her dealings are profitable;

Her words are full of wisdom

She has a burning desire to be the best

To grow in body and the mind

She embraces the fitfam to keep in shape

Abreast of trends and pop-cultures

Information on her finger tips

Makes important decisions for her organization

Yet the burden of the family rests on her

She lays on her bed at night

Reflecting on how the day ran,

And how to run the next day

She falls deeply asleep

But as the guardian angel of the family

Her spirit never sleeps, it hovers on the family.

The Holy Book calls her virtuous woman

We call her Champion Mum.


Milk and dairy products are an
important part of the daily diet in many regions of the world

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